Discover non-human identities

Securing non-human identities begins with continuous inventory and deep security context of each identity. Astrix provides you with the full picture of your non-human identity layer, from ongoing discovery and mapping to risk analysis based on parameters like permissions, scopes, owners and vendors.

Continuous inventory and mapping of NHIs

Get a complete and up-to-date inventory of all internal & third-party non-human identities in your environment. See their associated risk, owners and business value in one place.

A complete map of connected identities

  • Discover all the NHIs that are connected to your business and engineering environments across IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS.
  • Get a full picture of the connectivity to and within your systems, with no non-human identity left in the shadows.

Non-human identities types

  • Reveal all types of NHIs connecting external and internal services to your environments.
  • This includes OAuth tokens, API keys, SSH keys, secrets, service accounts, webhooks and automation recipes.

Comprehensive security and business context

  • Get the context you need to prioritize and remediate risks.
  • See each NHI’s access permissions, scopes, owner, associated third-party vendor, usage and more.

“With the rise in automation and new API-based integrations. Astrix ongoing monitoring and threat detection of what is accessing our environments became a key capability in our arsenal”

Yaron Slutzky, CISO, Agoda

Secure your non-human identities

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