Protect your secrets from creation
to expiry

To properly secure secrets, you need to not only know if a secret is exposed, but also its entire security context – what it is connected to, what access permissions it has and who is its owner. Astrix delivers a unique secret security solution that leverages the platform’s visibility into all non-human identities accessing your environment, and correlates them to their exposed secrets. This allows you to remediate risky secrets with confidence. 

See, contextualize and safeguard your secrets

Astrix allows you to manage and secure your secrets across vaults and cloud environments, providing you the context and risk prioritization you need to rotate exposed secrets without breaking anything.

See and manage all secrets

Get an up to date inventory of all secrets across vaults and environments in one place. See which ones are exposed, and use security context about your secrets’ permissions, owner, leaker and related service connections to easily remediate risks.

Detect anomalous behavior

Get alerted on suspicious behavior that indicates a secret has been exploited. Use Astrix’s investigation guide to easily understand how to respond.

Prioritize and remediate with confidence

Get prioritized remediation guidance for exposed secrets that put you at risk. Astrix correlates between secrets and their connected non-human identity, allowing you to easily understand the risk severity and prioritize remediation – without breaking anything.

Secure your non-human identities

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