Non-human Identities

The Astrix security platform enables you to control and secure API keys, OAuth apps, service accounts and other NHIs, protecting your business and engineering environments from unauthorized access.


The biggest identity blindspot:

10,000 non-human identities for every 1,000 employees

While 49% of breaches involve stolen credentials, 90% of credentials are not protected by existing IAM solutions. Service accounts, API keys, OAuth apps, SSH keys and other NHIs hold privileged access to enterprise environments and remain under the radar.


Take control over the non-human identity layer

Our agentless solution enables you to inventory and manage NHIs across environments, allowing you to prioritize and remediate risks that expose you to supply chain attacks and data breaches.

Inventory & posture

Discover shadow NHIs and their business context. Get a prioritized list of their associated risks: over-privileged & sensitive access, untrusted vendors, etc.

Threat detection

Detect and respond to abuse of access tokens and suspicious NHI activity in real-time using behavior analysis.


Automatically remediate NHI risks using out-of-the-box policies & workflows integrated to your security stack.

Lifecycle management

Easily manage the lifecycle of every non-human identity – from creation to expiration and rotation.

We secure NHIs across SaaS, IaaS and PaaS environments

From Salesforce and Office 365 to GitHub, AWS, Azure and BigQuery, we ensure your environments are protected from NHI risks.

Safely unleash the power of connectivity, automation and GenAI

To increase productivity and streamline processes, engineering, IT and business units need the freedom to connect third-party apps, internal services and machines to enterprise environments. Astrix allows you to make the most of your interconnected cloud, without compromising security.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Machine credentials outnumber user credentials, and are more privileged. Extend IAM programs to non-human identities from discovery and risk prioritization to threat detection and response.

GenAI security

71% of employees use GenAI at work.* Astrix allows you to discover and secure GenAI services connected to your IaaS and SaaS environments.

Third-party risk

Existing TPRM programs assess only a fraction of your digital supply chain. Astrix discovers and secures all third party apps and vendors connected to your environment, including unknown unknowns.


A developer creates on avg 10 machine credentials every week. Secure SSH certificates, service accounts, PATs and secrets in AWS, GCP, GitHub, Snowflake, Azure, etc.

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