Detect suspicious non-human activity

With attackers increasingly abusing non-human identities to breach organizations, It is crucial to monitor the behavior of API keys, service accounts, OAuth tokens and secrets in real-time. Astrix continuously analyzes the behavior of your organization’s non-human connectivity, and helps you respond to suspicious activity to prevent potential threats.

Remediate suspicious non-human activity in real-time

Astrix continuously analyzes the behavior of your non-human connectivity, alerts you on suspicious activity that indicates a potential threat, and helps you remediate quickly – without breaking anything. 

Behavior analysis

  • Stay ahead of threats with continuous behavioral analysis of tokens, apps, vendors and secrets and how they connect to and within your environments.
  • Respond to malicious activity detected based on different behavior parameters like access from a suspicious geo, a service that is using out of the ordinary permissions or an unusual user agent.

Zero false positives

AI-based threat detection engines learn what makes sense and what doesn’t to avoid any false positives.

Automated Guardrails

  • Quickly remediate potential threats with anomaly investigation guides.
  • Automate remediation workflows and integrate with your existing security stack so your SOC team can easily respond.

“Thanks to Astrix’s bahavioral analysis, we get alerts about suspicious connection in real-time and can immediately respond to incidents of stolen or abused tokens.”

Hannu Visti, Director of Information Security, Hopper

Secure your non-human identities

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