The White House mentions Astrix as one of innovators for AI security Executive Order

Astrix Security Joins President Biden’s Executive Order on Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

In a significant step toward shaping the future of AI technology, the Biden Administration issued an Executive Order aimed at maximizing the potential of AI while managing its risks. The order is supported by members of Congress, labor unions and AI Security Innovators – including Astrix Security. 

At Astrix Security, we understand the profound impact AI can and already has on cybersecurity, and we’re committed to ensuring its responsible integration. The Executive Order’s emphasis on the NIST AI Risk Management Framework emphasizes the crucial need for safety and security in technological advancements, and while we’re one piece of the puzzle, we recognize the importance of collaboration and shared responsibility in shaping the future of AI.

Our support stands alongside industry leaders and cybersecurity innovators OpenPolicy, Armis, Kiteworks, Cranium.AI, Axonius, HiddenLayer, Protect.AI, and Cybeats.

“The Executive Order is a welcomed and necessary step forward in ensuring both the trusted deployment of AI and seizing U.S. competitiveness and leadership in AI development.” 

The Executive Order establishes standards for AI safety and security, prioritizing the protection of Americans’ privacy, advancing equity and civil rights, and ensuring consumer and worker rights. Key aspects of the Executive Order are the adaptation and incorporation of the NIST AI Risk Management Framework into safety and cybersecurity guidelines, minimum risk-management practices for government uses of AI, and a coordinated effort with international partners to implement AI-related consensus standards. 

Industry leaders such as Microsoft and Alphabet have praised the order, emphasizing the importance of responsible AI governance. 

Astrix Security, recognized as a sample vendor in two Gartner reports about AI Security, already helps tech leaders to safely unleash the power of AI by providing robust non-human identity security. The Astrix platform gives security teams visibility into third-party AI services connected to core business platforms, their risk, access permissions and other crucial security and business context. With Astrix organizations now can:

  • Get a full inventory of all AI-tools that employees use and access core systems, and understand the risks associated with them.
  • Reduce attack surface: Ensure all AI-based non-human identities accessing core systems have least privileged access, remove unused connections, and untrusted app vendors. 
  • Detect anomalous activity: Astrix analyzes and detects malicious behavior such as stolen tokens, internal app abuse and untrusted vendors in real time through IP, user agent and access data anomalies.
  • Remediate faster: Use out of the box policies that allow you to instantly remediate risks and prevent attacks.

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