Astrix ensures your core systems are securely connected to third-party cloud services, allowing you to safely unleash the power of app-to-app integration and automation.

Is this connection being abused?

Who owns keys to my sensitive data?

Was this third party offboarded?

What’s connected to my Slack?

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Everything-as-a-service encourages end users to continuously integrate third-party apps into the fabric of the enterprise, resulting in a growing mesh of shadow integrations threatening to expose your most sensitive systems. Supply chain attacks. Data breaches. Account takeovers. Compliance violations.
For most companies, it’s not a matter of if – it’s a matter of when.

Take control of your
app connections

From Salesforce and Office 365 to GitHub, Snowflake and Workato, we keep core systems across SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS secure from over-privileged, unnecessary, and malicious integrations exposing your organization to supply chain attacks, data leakage, and compliance violations.

Risk visibility

Intuitive one-stop inventory of all your organization’s third-party connections powered by continuous exposure identification and unique in-depth contextual analysis.

Threat detection

Identify external connection threats, integration misuse, and anomalies with the only logic engine purpose-built for the complexities of third-party integration.

Rapid remediation

Address emerging threats and reduce attack surface with contextual and actionable mitigations.

Lifecycle management

Automatically gain control over all app-layer access, set enforcement guardrails and prevent policy drifts with out-of-the-box and zero-trust security controls.

Simplifying the complexity of hyper-connected organizations

In the world of digital workforce empowerment, self-serviced app integrations are a must. Astrix is built to help cloud-first and cloud-transforming companies control all non-user access to their most critical systems.

cloud adoption

Integration-first platforms enable fast and easy adoption – make the most of your cloud environment without opening up new exploitable attack surfaces.

Digital transformation and cloud migration

Lead the journey to a cloud-based ecosystem while maintaining application access management and hygiene.

Low-code and
no-code automation

Empower teams to build data flows and connect critical applications confidently, without compromising on security.

Data privacy and compliance

Prevent third-party compliance drifts and ensure enforcement of privacy and data regulations.

“It is a great problem to go after – Moving from gatekeeping to support modern productivity.  Astrix’s innovative solution provides the bigger picture of your non-user lifecycle management against supply chain and third-party exposure.”

Former VP information security, Netflix

 “Integrations are everywhere, managing their access cannot be secured using user-based solutions such as SSO or MFA. With Astrix we gain instant and simple control over all non-human connections to our critical systems.”

Head of security, Traveltech

“Self-service adoption is in the nature of the modern workforce, this incurs increasing security and compliance challenges. Astrix allows security teams run in the speed of productivity, manage and not be managed by the dynamic nature of cloud-app adoption.”

CISO, eCommerce 

“Astrix is helping us continuously secure and manage 3rd-party access to our major platforms. Taking control of this expanding attack surface is crucial for the security of our growing web of app-connectivity.”

CISO, Financial Firm

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The Ultimate Guide to Securing App-to-App Integrations

How to discover and remediate over-privileged, unnecessary, and malicious integrations to your most critical systems.

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Risk #3: Compliance violations
  • What it is: An act that compromises an organization’s ability to comply with relevant governmental, legal, or industry frameworks – for example, data privacy regulations (like GDPR) or security and governance (like SOC 2).
  • Recent example: Ticketmaster received a $1.6 million fine for GDPR violations after hackers exploited vulnerabilities in the code of a third-party chat app vendor on its checkout page, exposing customers’ personal and payment data.
  • Why third-party integrations increase the risk: Any third-party application involved in data processing is part of an enterprise’s regulatory purview – meaning that the organization is ultimately responsible (often financially and legally) for its handling of sensitive data.
Risk #2: Direct malicious access
  • What it is: Malicious actors seek direct access to core platforms by tricking users into providing consent (via OAuth permissions rather than explicit credential phishing) or by taking advantage of leaked API keys, certificates, webhooks urls, etc.
  • Recent example: Microsoft recently warned of a phishing attack in which Office 365 users received emails intended to trick them into granting OAuth permissions to a fake app.
  • Why third-party integrations increase the risk: With third-party applications increasingly integrated to core platforms, access tokens enable malicious actors access to data and operations on organization critical systems.
Risk #1: Supply chain attacks
  • What it is: A third-party app integrated to a trustworthy central platform may “leak” sensitive data into a less secure environment. Malicious actors abuse security vulnerabilities associated with a legitimate (but less secure) third-party application – and exploit its privileged access to sensitive information (like credentials or data).
  • Recent example: Hackers compromised the software development tool Codecov to gain access to – and rapidly copy and export to an attacker-controlled server – sensitive secrets,credentials and IP associated with software accounts at thousands of clients.
  • Why third-party integrations increase the risk: More and more third-party applications hold the “keys to the kingdom”: the most privileged credentials in the enterprise. Any third party application that can be compromised opens up the possibility of unauthorized intrusion (and data extraction, ransoming, and more) by malicious actors.