Securing Non-human Identities

Astrix ensures your core systems are securely connected to third-party cloud services by extending access management and threat prevention to API keys, OAuth tokens, service accounts, and more.


Shadow third-party connections expose you to supply chain attacks 

Everything-as-a-service encourages end users to continuously connect third-party apps into the fabric of the enterprise, resulting in thousands of shadow connections threatening to expose your organization to malicious access, data breaches, and compliance violations.


Take control of your third-party app connections

Our agentless, easy-to-deploy solution enables security teams to discover and remediate over-privileged, unnecessary, and malicious third-party connections that threaten your critical core systems.

Holistic Visibility

Get a consolidated view of internal and third-party connections to your XaaS critical systems.

Threat Detection

Uncover connection risks threatening your application posture, sensitive data, and compliance.

Rapid Remediation

Automated remediation workflows help you mitigate risky connections while keeping your team productive.

Lifecycle Management

Monitor every third-party app from the moment it connects to your systems and automatically adjust security controls. 

We secure core systems across SaaS, IaaS and PaaS environments

From Salesforce and Office 365 to GitHub, GCP BigQuery, and Workato, we ensure your core systems are securely connected to third-party cloud services.

Unleash the power of App-to-App connectivity, without compromising security

To increase productivity and streamline processes, your organization needs the freedom to use and connect third-party apps with core systems. Astrix allows you to make the most of your interconnected cloud environment, without opening up new exploitable attack surfaces.

Remove security bottlenecks

Avoid time-consuming app vetting processes. Get an alert only when a high-risk connection is made, and quickly remediate it without slowing down the business.

Non-human ITDR

API keys, OAuth tokens, and service accounts are more powerful credentials than usernames and passwords. Detect and respond to attacks targeting non-human identities.

Real-time Third-party Risk Management

Your cloud interconnectivity is dynamic. Enhance your TPRM program with continuous, automated, and context-based threat detection and response.

Data privacy and compliance

Third-party app connections expand your digital supply chain. Prevent third-party compliance drifts and ensure enforcement of privacy and data regulations


Astrix meets the highest industry standards

Award Award Award Award

Double Dagger: Astrix Security Emerges From Stealth With $15M Seed Round

Astrix Security emerges from stealth to help organizations spot rogue third-party apps

Alon jackson, Astrix CEO & co-founder discusses in VentureBeat article the promise & problems of third-party app integrations

Astrix Named a Finalist for RSA Conference 2023 Innovation Sandbox Contest

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