The Ultimate Guide to Closing the App-to-App Connectivity Security Gap

Safely unlocking innovation for the hyper-connected enterprise

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As the crippling recent attacks on Github, Okta, and Mailchimp demonstrate, improperly secured third-party application integrations pose a huge risk to your organization’s security posture – increasing the likelihood of supply chain attacks, data breaches, and compliance violations. How can security leaders take control of a tangled web of app interconnectivity? Download this ebook to learn:

  • The scope – and exact risks – of app-to-app integrations in your company Why current approaches (including user access management, TPRM, CASB, and SSPM) fall short.
  • Four steps to immediately reduce the attack surface associated with third-party application integrations.
  • How Astrix can help.

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The Ultimate Guide to Securing App-to-App Integrations

How to discover and remediate over-privileged, unnecessary, and malicious integrations to your most critical systems.

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